Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome and First Blog Post

Welcome to my first blog post. I've been asked by a few of my friends to create a blog spot for all the things I have created within the past year. From knitting, handmade soaps, photography, makeup related items, and baking that I have posted on my facebook page, I decided to finally share with you all the fun things I've been doing.

For the love of YouTube, it has truly taught me a lot, which allowed me to expand my hobby and interests. I enjoy creating things, especially when the end results look amazing. I am currently working on two little ventures called Pitaya Handmade Soaps, which I plan to sell certain soaps that I've created, especially my fortune cookie soaps, and Popilicioius Treats, which is another little venture in which I am currently selling cake pops locally.

Although the blog spot title is called Kitchen Addiction, I intend to share with you some  how to's, recipes, and other fun things, such as reviews on makeup related items, must haves, or beauty essentials on my blog spot. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!