Thursday, August 25, 2011

Whole Wheat Rolls

Hi again,

Recently I've been on a bread making phase and have made a few different varieties of bread. Yesterday afternoon after work, I decided to make some whole wheat rolls just because. Mind you it was my first time making and baking these and I was very pleased with the outcome. Making the rolls was an easy process and it didn't take long to rest nor bake. In addition, simple ingredients that may be found in  your kitchen pantry are used.

These made about 16 rolls, so I gave some to my friends to try out. Plus, I didn't want to have a kitchen full of bread, lol. Check out my pictures below to see some of the process of making and baking the whole wheat rolls. Happy eating!

Whole wheat rolls.

Mixing all the ingredients.

Resting stage. (The dough hook was on, so I had to cover it this way)

Rolling, smoothing, and tucking the roll.

Proofing stage in the oven for 20 minutes.

Almost double the size after proofing.

Finish baking at 373 F. degrees for 22 minutes.

Et voila! Fresh rolls out of the oven. Topped all buttered up.

The extra rolls.

* Interested in baking this? You can comment or message me for the recipe. Thanks.

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