Thursday, September 1, 2011

White Bread

Hi again,

Over these past few weeks I've been taking advantage of using my new Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Loving it! Oh the joy of baking home goodies. Also, I've been baking nonstop, especially baking a variety of bread. Today I am blogging about white bread. I love eating white bread, although whole wheat is healthier for you. Instead of wasting money on bread that will expire in a few days or a week, I decided to bake white bread for fun and to save me a little bit of money. I was really impressed with the overall result and the process of making and baking the bread. I used the bread in many ways, especially making grilled cheese sandwiches and eating it with tomato soup. Yum-o!

Recipe makes two loafs. Sorry, no recipe will be posted unless requested.

Enjoy and happy baking!

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