Thursday, September 29, 2011

Meet Hazel

Hi again,

Recently I adopted yet another pup so that Bree my 11 month pup can have a sister and a playmate at home. Hubs and I went to the Humane Society just to see the cute cats and dogs for fun, and fell in love with this little pup, who is an American Pit Mix, almost like her big sis. Her name was Honeybee, but we changed it to Hazel because of her beautiful hazel eyes and light tan color. Plus, her cute painted pink and purple crackle nail colors, which the volunteers painted, also attracted me. That also gave me the idea to paint Bree's nails, lol. Hazel has been living with us for 2 days now and she is so energetic, playful, cute, happy, and loves to cuddle, just like her big sis, Bree. They both fell in love with each other when they first met. Hazel is about 9 weeks old, but hope the vet can determine her actual age.

Here are some pictures of our new and last addition to the family.

Check out her pink nails and a purple crackle nail, lol.

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