Saturday, September 24, 2011

Garlic Roasted Grape Tomato Bruschetta

Hi again,

Today's dinner we had whole wheat linguine with meatballs, homemade pasta sauce, and garlic roasted grape tomato bruschetta topped over a homemade braided french bread. The french bread was so crusty which was so perfect for the bruschetta.

If you want to try this recipe...

Rinse and dry the grape or cherry tomatoes, add about 2 tbsp of EVOO, sprinkle some dried oregano and basil, add a dash of salt and pepper to taste, and mix well. Place the tomatoes close together on a cookie sheet in one layer. Slice 2 cloves of fresh garlic and place on top of tomatoes so that it won't burn. Bake at 400 degrees F for 15 minutes. You can bake your sliced baquettes at the same time to save some baking or cooking time.  Make sure you drizzle some EVOO on the sliced baquettes before putting in the oven. Let cool for 20 minutes, add the tomatoes on the sliced baquettes and enjoy it with some wholesome pasta.

Happy eating!

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