Friday, September 9, 2011

Knitted Scarves: Purl and Stitch

Hi again,

Fall has just arrived bringing in colder weather and people wearing cool looking scarves adds a stylish touch and warmth to the everyday look. The beginning of this year 2011, I was determined to learn how to knit a scarf just for fun. It took me a few tries just to start the process of knitting and finally got the hang of it. I learned from watching many youtube channels and found one that worked for me. After knitting my first scarf, I started to get addicted to knitting more beautiful scarves in different colors and yarn types. I even made some as gifts to some family members. I only know two types of styles and hope to learn more, so that I can become a pro, hehe. If you are curious, I've been purchasing my yarn at Michaels because of their yarn sales in January and all the coupons I've been receiving from them since I have a Michael's loyalty member card.

If you know how to do the purl and stitch, then you're good to go. Please take a look at some of my knitted scarves I've done over the past few months. Happy knitting!

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