Friday, September 23, 2011

Roti (Trinidad Style)

Hi again,

Last night for dinner hubby did the cooking and made some chicken curry to go with the skins his parents brought over. The curry consisted of chicken cut into cubes, potatoes, chick peas, cumin, curry powder, tumeric, coconut milk and other essential ingredients to make the curry so tastey. Skins are used to wrap the curry, it's similar to the Indian roti, which can either be wrapped or torn and dipped into the curry. Skins can be found/bought in Brooklyn, New York, if you're wondering.

The first time I had roti was during our wedding rehearsal. We had both ethnic cuisines, which consisted roti (Trinidad) and the infamous pancit (Philippines), and other dishes, but these were the main dishes served. Ever since then, I always crave for roti whenever I'm in town, lol. Luckily, the hubby likes Filipino food too!

Here are some pictures of the curry and the skin, roti. If you're ever in Brooklyn, NY or Trinidad and Tobago (TnT), you should try the Caribbean roti. Enjoy.

Homemade curry (not too spicy)

Curry wrapped in the skins

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