Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MAC Mean & Green Nail Polish DUPE

Hi again,

I know this was last year's hype, but since I'm currently wearing the nail polish, I wanted to share it with you. Last year, MAC came out with a Disney collection that included a nail polish called Mean & Green. It was one of the most popular nail polish, which was a limited edition. I'm not sure if many of you knew about it or probably forgotten about it, but there is an inexpensive dupe of that nail polish from Hard Candy that can be found at Walmart and any other drugstore that may sell that brand. Hard Candy came out with a  nail polish named Beetle, which consisted with colors such as green, gold, pink and purple that changes when you move your fingers. It's a beautiful nail polish color that fits in with this Fall/Winter season. Check this only cost $5! Hard Candy's nail polish applies great and doesn't chip or fade as quickly as others. Orly FX did come out with a similar nail polish color; however, that was also limited edition. So, if you've missed out on MAC's Mean & Green from last year, you should pick up Hard Candy nail polish in Beetle #321.

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